The Power of Using Scripts for Social Selling

canstockphoto4680984Some of our best lessons in our social selling businesses can come from observing how others handle their sales processes.

For example, every year I look forward to watching a “pots and pans” demo at the State Fair. They do truly great sales presentations.

I also tune into QVC from time-to-time. Watch for how they present each product’s features and benefits, and how they create urgency with limited edition.

Last week I got a call from a car salesman…or should I say, a “not-very-well-prepared” car salesman.

When I answered the phone, he told me he was calling from the Honda dealership (I own a CRV, and had it serviced there a while back.)

He said, “Do you know about our ‘swap your keys’ special?”

I said, “Nope.”

He said, “You can come into the dealership, and swap your keys for a brand new CRV. How much are your payments right now?”

I said, “My car is paid off – and the last thing in the world I want is another car payment.”

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone…

Then he said, “I’m sure that’s nice to not have a car payment.”

I said, “Yes – I love my CRV, and I love that it’s paid off.”

He said, “Sounds great – thank you for your time,” and hung up.

You see this guy hadn’t prepared for the call. He started with a closed question – rather than taking an interest in me.

My CRV is a 2007 – chances were pretty good it was going to be paid off – so he needed to figure out how to deal with the objection of people not wanting payments (he assumed I had to finance a new CRV).

If he had done his homework, when I told him I love my CRV – he could have told me some of the features of the new CRVs, compared to my 2007, that might have piqued my interest.

And if he had looked up my repair record – worst case scenario – he could have scheduled me for a service appointment (because I’m overdue for that!).

The purpose of writing scripts for your direct sales business is not to read the script. It’s to make you think through what people might say, and how you can respond. It helps you anticipate objections and be ready to overcome them.

Most importantly, using scripts for social selling helps you choose the right words – because word choice can be a huge difference between making sales, bookings shows, and getting appointments with prospects…or NOT!

(That’s why I provide scripts with my training courses – for example, with my new bookings course “How to Fill Your Calendar with Bookings – Anytime of the Year, No Matter Where You Live” – to give you a great starting point to develop your own.)

Write out the script – then condense it down to bullet points. Review the script before your phone call sessions, then keep the bullet points in front of you to help keep your calls on track.

Continue to improve! When something from one of your conversations throws you a bit of a curve ball, write it down after the call and think about how you can handle it differently on future calls.

That’s how you get, not just good, but great and confident about making your phone calls.

What are some of your tips for developing and using scripts? (Please share your ideas in the comments below.)

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