Provide the EXACT Training Your Team Needs – When They Need It

One of the big mistakes many leaders and sponsors make – is they provide canstockphoto19736767training that they are “hoping” will give them the results they are looking for…

…let me explain what I mean.

If a leader wants to add more consultants to her team – she will put on a sponsoring training. Maybe one or two, or a handful, of team members will implement what they learn – but the rest will completely ignore it and continue to be frustrated.

That’s because their business (and their “head”) wasn’t ready for the training you were offering.

In other words…

you were thinking about what YOU WANT, rather than what the consultant NEEDS.

With way too much training available in back offices and online groups, it’s your job, as a strong leader, to help your consultants navigate through the clutter.

When they’re brand new – they need to learn how to launch their business.

Next – they need to learn how to book parties AT their parties.

Once they are solid with their booking skills, they are ready to learn how to sponsor – especially finding those two or three hot prospects that are at every party.

I teach my students to divide their team into “buckets.”

Bucket #1 is for those consultants who need to learn their booking skills.

Bucket #2 is for consultants who are solid with booking skills, and consistently book at least 2 or 3 parties each month, and they are ready to focus on sponsoring.

Bucket #3 is for your soon-to-be leaders. They know how to book parties, they know how to sponsor new team members – they simply need your coaching and encouragement to prepare well for their promotion.

It’s a simple way to keep your consultants focused, and it helps you identify the “action takers” on your team.

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