Some Common Myths About Promoting to Leader

I’ve literally coached hundreds of consultants who were ready to take the next step in their myths about promoting to leaderbusinesses – meaning earning their first (or next!) promotion.

That is really the only way you can expand your business (without doing 20 shows per month yourself).

Here’s some of the common myths about promoting to leader in your home party or network marketing business:

Myth #1: It’s really hard.

If you typically hold one show a month, and rarely get a booking from it – then yes, from that perspective it would seem hard.

Remember – learning to book parties is a skill that anyone can master. And once you start booking two, or three, or even more shows from every show you do – you NEED to sponsor teammates because you simply don’t have room on your calendar to hold all of those parties.

Myth #2: It’s a lot of responsibility.

Unlike the corporate world where a manager most likely has a 10 page job description, and is held accountable for the actions of the people she manages (The buck stops with the manager, right?), being a leader in your home party business is simple.

All you need to do is help the consultants you sponsor get off to a great start; continue to coach, train, and mentor them; and celebrate their successes!

(Plus, many of your teammates will become great friends. You’ll have fun, and make money at the same time. Isn’t that great?)

Myth #3: I have to give away my life to be a leader.

One of the common mistakes new leaders make is that they are too accessible.

Nothing about our business is urgent. You don’t have to answer text messages or take phone calls 24-7, and you don’t have to be the one to solve every issue.

There are so many resources available to consultants now – customer service at your company, training from your company in their back offices, Facebook groups (where other consultants often answer a question or share an idea), and many outside trainers (like me!). Any consultant that is resourceful can often find answers to most issues without needing to contact you.

Myth #4: It’s difficult to maintain the requirements to get paid at title each month.

Not if you build, and continue to build, your business “the right” way.

That means focusing on BALANCE.

I teach my students how to balance their own personal sales and sponsoring, and training their team members to do exactly the same thing. (I actually call it “The Success Formula.”)

It’s time to take that next step – and I want to be your coach and mentor!

That’s why I’ve created my New “8 Weeks to Your Promotion” course.


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