Mr. Wonderful – Here’s How I’d Sell Cupcakes in a Jar

(Stock photo - NOT from Wicked Good Cupcakes)

(Stock photo – NOT from Wicked Good Cupcakes)

If you were given just half an hour to go out on the street to sell a new kind of cupcake – what would you do? Today I’m going to share how I’d sell cupcakes in a Jar.

Here’s the background…

A couple weeks ago, on a special episode of 20/20 called “Secrets of the Sell” – “Mr. Wonderful” (Kevin O’Leary) taught his special sales techniques to four people who were screened based on tryouts, and then, by O’Leary.

After going through his sales training, O’Leary ran a contest to see who could sell the most Cupcakes in a Jar in 30 minutes. (These cupcakes are made by Wicked Good Cupcakes, one of the companies he invested in on the TV Show “Shark Tank”).

I posted a question on my blog, challenging my subscribers to post their ideas for making this sale.

Congratulations to the two consultants who posted their ideas on the post — Diane and Rachel. You get your choice of one of my three published books.

So Mr. Wonderful…here’s how I’d sell Cupcakes in a Jar out on the street:

1) Attract their attention! As Rachel suggested – I’d get some samples (definitely Sweet Potato because it was the highest points, and second would be chocolate). I’d break the cupcakes into small bite size samples, put them on a platter on a table near the food truck, and then I’d grab one of the jars – and get out into the traffic flow on the sidewalk.

2) Holding up the jar, I’m going to ask people, “What do you think is in this jar?” (I want to get some engagement. Notice this is an open ended question!) That will turn into a short discussion (after all – I only have 30 minutes), and I’m going to invite them to go to the table for a sample. (That will also attract other people to the table, as well.)

3) I’ll explain that our new Sweet Potato cupcakes have become one of our most popular flavors. Think: Sweet Potato Pie. (Gets you thinking about Thanksgiving, time with family, and a yummy meal.)

4) After they taste a sample, I’ll ask, “Which one did you like the best?” They will give me their feedback, and now I can tell them the benefits: This is the new craze in cupcakes (people want to be the first to try a new fad!) There are two whole cupcakes in each jar, and the jars are layered – cake, then frosting, then cake, then frosting. So every bite is absolutely delicious. They can reseal the jar, so they can eat some now, and some later (but once you dive into this, you won’t want to stop!). Plus – you’ll come up with tons of uses for the jar, once it’s emptied (for me, they become pen holders or change holders).

5) The close! You’ve got to ask – “How many jars would you like today?”

6) Next, I’ll work on the up-sell. “Where are you off to today? Wouldn’t it be an amazing treat to bring back jars to share with your co-workers? Or, “wouldn’t it be fun to take all the women at the hair salon a fun treat, too?”

That’s it – an easy sales process and a “sweet deal!”

Next post…What the reporter of this story “should” have asked those former Mary Kay reps…

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