It’s Easy to Build a Six Figure Direct Sales Business.

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The late Jim Rohn used to have a great saying – one that “rings in my head often” when I’m staring at a project that needs to be completed, or when I’m working with my private coaching students.

What Jim explained is, the reason people DON’T complete a simple task, something that is very beneficial, such as “eating an apple a day,” is that it’s “easy NOT to.”

When I’m working with my coaching students, I can recommend that a consultant complete activities which, when completed each week, or each day (depending on whether they are very part-time or full-time in the business) will put them on track to building a six figure business.

Most grab hold and take action – and they are getting “out of the ballpark” results.

Let me give you a couple examples.

Linda, an incredible woman who works a very busy (and very stressful) full-time job, is part of a network marketing business.

Based on the amount of time she can commit to her business each week – we mapped out a very simple strategy (something that will literally take about 2-3 hours each week). In her case, it’s sign-up one new distributor, and connect with one potential business builder in her organization.

During our coaching session on Friday, you could hear the excitement in Linda’s voice. This simple plan works for her. She sees the progress that she’s making, she’s having fun with her business, and it’s easy for her to manage and complete each week.

Let’s think about it for a minute. One new distributor per week means in one year’s time, she’ll have 52! And let’s say that one out of every four of the potential business builders she connects with takes off – and starts doing exactly what she does. Twelve business builders – signing just one new distributor each week…in one year that would be another 624 distributors in her organization.

A simple plan that anyone can implement.

So why doesn’t every consultant or distributor do this?

It’s easy NOT to!

A consultant I met in the past year (she’s not one of my private coaching students!) often complains that “She can’t get bookings” and that “no one on her team can get bookings.”

Several people in her upline and I have explained why its so important to schedule a couple of her own parties, or to meet with people one-on-one, in order to get people excited about her company’s products – and THEN ask them to book a party.

She refuses to do that simple “foundation building” activity.

Why – because it’s easy NOT to.

I guess its much easier to keep complaining, and to blame everyone and everything else for her lack of success…

Yeah – I probably just ticked off some of my subscribers – but I’m one of those “tell it like it is” kind of coaches and strategists…

But here’s the deal.

“It’s easy to build a six figure direct sales business.”

(That’s MY quote!)

Most consultants either make it much too difficult, or they don’t do the simple activities consistently that will get them there.

Time to stop taking the “it’s easy NOT to” route…

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