Here’s how to have a Guilt Free Holiday!

During one of my private coaching calls this past week, one of my students asked me a really great question.
Enjoy your holidays guilt free
“Should I keep trying to connect with people right now – or since everybody is so busy, should I wait until after the holidays?”

I’m really proud of the progress this student has made since we started working together a couple months ago. She was also preparing to leave for a 2-week vacation this weekend.

So, like any good coach, I had to answer her question with a couple questions.

Question #1:

Are you jumping to the conclusion that you can’t reach people this week simply because YOU are really busy yourself?

She was swamped. Between her kids’ school activities, dealing with kids home from school for snow days (I think half of the U.S. got buried in snow in the past 2 weeks), and making those last week before Christmas sales…my student was incredibly busy.

Yes – most people are very busy at this time of year…

But that doesn’t mean your prospective hostesses and business prospects don’t have time for a quick call.

Question #2:

What does your calendar look like for January and February?

My student had added additional bookings on her calendar for these months – but she wasn’t at her goal…yet!

Waiting to fill January…in January…is a bit too late.

Question #3:

Wouldn’t it feel great, when you’re on that 2 week vacation, to truly take a vacation?

What would a vacation feel like without checking emails and checking phone messages?

Wouldn’t it feel wonderful and powerful to take a vacation (or take a holiday break) – KNOWING that your business is already in great shape for January and February??

So I challenged my student – and I’m challenging you – to make the calls, fill your calendar with bookings, schedule appointments with prospects – and THEN…take your holiday break GUILT FREE!

Is your calendar booked?

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