Business Lessons from 20/20

Did you catch the episode of 20/20 on October 2nd, called “Secrets of the Sell?”

If not, here’s the link: CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW.

In fact, I recommend you watch it a couple times.

The first segment features “Mr. Wonderful” (Kevin O’Leary) from Shark Tank. He selected three college students from an initial group of six, gave them a short course on selling, then sent them out on the streets to sell “Cupcakes in a Jar” – one of the companies O’Leary invested in a couple years ago through Shark Tank.

The second segment was a story about Mary Kay.

There are some important lessons from this story – both good and bad – plus a couple questions I felt the reporter, Rebecca Jarvis either missed, or possibly were edited out (I’ve just posted those questions on her Facebook page.)

So I’m going to do a couple posts on this topic.

Today – I’d like to know what YOU learned from Kevin O’Leary’s Selling class.

I would have approached the cupcake selling a bit differently than the 3 finalists. (If you’re listening ABC – I’d be happy to challenge the winner to a “re-match”).

Post below: How would you reel in the customers, and what would you say to upsell them to the Sweet Potato Cupcakes, and to more than one jar?

I will be sharing my recommendations on Wednesday this week (and by the way, this will be extremely helpful information for anyone booking tables at vendor events) – and I will be choosing at least one person’s answer for a fun prize (their choice of my published books).

Those who participate always learn the most…

Go ahead – tell us how you would sell the most jars of cupcakes…


  1. Loved this episode! Thanks for sharing the link. I think for the cupcakes I would have said “Get 4 gourmet cupcakes for $10 – today only!” That cute guy could sell me a cupcake for sure. 😉

    Not sure what I think about the Mary Kay segment because I don’t know about that company. I can see how some ladies would be susceptible to buying more than they should or need to in order to make the level they want, but really it sounds like they didn’t take your Bookings course!

  2. Free samples of the sweet potato!
    Holding those jars in their hands was a great idea and one I would also do. Instead of saying they are $5 a jar I would have said they are $5 for 2 cupcakes in a jar.

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