What’s your Biggest Lesson from attending your Conference?

Many of you have recently attended your National Conferences.canstockphoto18920803

Most of the home party or network marketing companies truly put on spectacular events (I’m sure you agree!).  From the speakers, to the “exciting news,” to the new product reveals, to the recognition and awards.

Plus – I always felt like it was a big “family reunion” because I got to spend time with my “consultant family!”

I highly recommend that you ALWAYS attend your conferences.

I can still remember the first conference I attended with my former company…

It was the company’s second year in business, and I’m guessing there were about 75 consultants in attendance.

I remember watching each of the speakers (every speaker was one of the top Sales Managers or top Salesperson/Sponsor) and thinking, “There’s no reason I can’t accomplish what they’ve accomplished.”

I pinched myself thinking, “Oh my gosh – I think there’s an incredible opportunity here, and I’m excited to be part of it.”

I got so excited that I went home, sat down with my Mother and asked, “If I quit my engineering job to focus on building this business, will you and Dad be mad at me since you paid for a big chunk of my college education?”

Her answer:  “Give it a try – if it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to engineering.”

I went into work the next day and turned in my notice.

Now I’m not suggesting that you quit your job tomorrow.  In fact, it was a mistake for me to quit my job at that point.  I hadn’t planned for it financially, and my business certainly wasn’t producing the kind of income I needed to pay my bills (at least, not yet!).

But what I am suggesting is that you keep the excitement of your recent experience alive to help you stay focused.

Grab a piece of paper (or your journal, if you keep one) and write down:

What were your biggest takeaways – about the company, its leadership, your opportunity, and your goals before next year’s event?

What did you learn from the speakers?

Visualize yourself – next year – getting the recognition you have earned – and deserve!

How does it feel?

Review this often and visualize your success.

Then get busy!  Next year you’ll be walking across that stage.

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