Last week at a networking meeting, I gave a presentation about the importance of your word choices.Susie Nelson Training, How do you ask for a booking?

The words you choose can have a huge impact on your sales, on future bookings, and on the number of prospects who are willing to take a closer look at your business. Huge difference!

How do you ask for a booking?

After the meeting I was talking to a woman who would really love to build a bigger business – but she shared that she is struggling to get bookings.

So I asked, “Let’s say that you and I are sitting at your closing table, you’ve just taken my order, and now it’s time to ask me to book a party. What would you say to me?”

Now I realize that asking someone to do this exercise can be a bit uncomfortable. But you can also learn so much!

Here’s what she said:

“Susie, I’d sure appreciate it if you’d book a party for me.”


(Keep in mind this woman is extremely talented, has a great personality, and could literally build her business to whatever level she chooses with some “tweaking.”)

So let’s have some fun with this…

I would love to hear your comments about what is wrong with this statement, AND, how you’d say it differently.

I’ll post my response in a few days…

Thanks for commenting and sharing!


While building my Million Dollar organization, I learned some important business building lessons along the way…and today I’m going to share one of those with you.Susie Nelson Training for Social Selling Consultants

What I’ll be sharing is one technique you can use for figuring out who your “serious” business builders are…

So stick with me while I give you the background, then the lesson…

Many years ago I heard the phrase: “Knowledge is Power” – and it really resonated with me.

I’m passionate about – not just “learning” something new – but implementing what I’ve learned to see how it works for me.

So over the years, I never hesitated to invest in my education.

I took a Dale Carnegie Sales Course (to the tune of $1500); have 3 book shelves full of books and training CDs (easily worth at least $10,000); invested in coaching two different times (over $10,000) and was part of a “Certified Business Advisor” program for a year (initial investment was $30,000 and ongoing $619 per month).

Those investments in training have paid for themselves over and over and over again – and continue to do so today.

But I learned an even bigger lesson about the value of “investing” in training…

The first few years when I was building my organization, I traveled to many locations to provide training to my rapidly growing group of consultants. It cost a fortune – in dollars, time, and frankly – my energy.

Being the little engineer that I am – who loves to try things, test things, and analyze the data – one year I decided to put on a “special kick-off training” on January 2nd. It was an all-day training session, and I charged those who made the decision to invest in their businesses and themselves a $40 attendance fee (and that included lunch).

About 20% of my consultants in the area CHOSE to invest their time and their money.

Here’s what happened…

First – that extremely small investment weeded out the “whiners” and the “want-to-be’s” from those who were focused and passionate about building a bigger business.

The energy in the room that day was incredible.

Every single consultant in attendance had a clear vision and a goal to move their business to leadership that year.

They eagerly practiced the training exercises, asked great questions, and fully participated that day.

But it didn’t end there…

Of the 14 consultants who chose to invest in themselves that day…9 became managers that year (6 from my unit, 3 who were guests who I welcomed to my training from other organizations).

They went home and they implemented what they learned – and it made a huge impact on their lives.

So today I’m challenging you to evaluate training you provide for “free” and training where you charge a fee (that will at least help off-set your expenses).

It was a big lesson for me. I continued to monitor what happened after my “free training” events and my “charge a fee” events.

I learned that I wasn’t necessarily “helping” my consultants most effectively when they didn’t have some money in the game. When they paid for training, they got better results.

What do you think?

I’d love to hear your experiences and comments regarding “paid” versus “free” training? Enter your comments below…


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